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Natural, Safe, Holistic Products

Healthy Products Colorado retail store (aka Pet Health Store) located at
108 E.Cheyenne Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80906 offers
best pet food brands available on the market
We offer FREE pet nutrition consultation
and have plenty of FREE pet food samples for your pet to try.

Most brands come from privately-owned, family-owned companies that sell their products via independent retailers only.

Our product line includes primarily grain free foods 
Orijen (Pet Food of the Year 2009-2011) (made in Canada), Acana (Canada),Fromm (USA), Addiction (Australia, New Zealand, USA), Canadian foods by Petcurean Now! and Go!, Legacy, Pulsar, Nature's Logic (USA), NutriSource,Halo (USA), Darford (Canada), Great Life (USA), Taste of the Wild (USA), Victor, and raw meat diets by Primal, Stella and Chewy's, Northwest Naturals, ground buffalo trim, raw bones and chews, antlers, and much more.

If you are not local, feel free to shop at our secure  ONLINE STORE 

Online shopping is secure, quick, easy, and safe. We ship within 2-3 business days.

Local customers can pick their order up personally and pay no additional shipping or handling fees. Delivery and shipping are available also for an additional fee.


Class #1 - Introduction to Bach Flowers Remedies for Pets

Class #2 - Bach Flower Remedies for peace of mind and overall well being (for people)

Class #3 - Bach Flower Remedies for family peace and harmony (for people)

If you are interested to take the class
mail or call 719-650-8481 during work hours for next available date 
Cost: $25 per person, handouts provided

For other upcoming Open House dates and events, please visit News and Events


We also sell and individually match natural remedies for specific physical and emotional symptoms.

King Bio homeopathy, Natural Pet Pharmaceuticals, and Bach Flower remedies work wonderfully for both people and pets, and help to fight and overcome such conditions in pets as stress, anxiety, fear, aggression, short attention span, excessive barking. They also ease arthritic pain, reduce problems associated with urinary incontinence, allergies, indigestion and much more.

Our experience shows that products we sell provide tremendous benefits to dogs and cats. Switching to and keeping your pet on foods we carry insures you have a healthy happy pet for years to come. We have seen cases of some serious health conditions improve and go away completely. Allergies and obesity are just two of many conditions that can be reversed to complete norm. Privately owned, family owned brands are excellent choices as small companies can monitor the quality and freshness of the ingredients they use, therefore eliminating the possibility of their foods to be recalled or contaminated.


We are crafty people here. We make and sell handmade soaps. All natural ingredients. These are safe to use on pets, too.


If you pay with PayPal, make sure your shipping address is complete and correct. If you want to send a gift to an alternative address, make a note for us in the order form.

See some examples here: LAVENDER NATURAL with spirulina and ultramarine oxide




LAVENDER FIELDS with spirulina and lavender flower buds, and NEW MEXICO with cinnamon, white clay, coffee grinds


We appreciate the referrals and pass over advertising savings to the customers. There are several ways to get your 10% off discount:
- Refer a friend to our store, and receive 10% off your next purchase. Your friend as a new customer will also receive 10% off their first purchase.
- Write a review for our business on one or more of the online directory listings
- Look for special events (for dates see News and Events page) and get 10% off discount during certain events here at the store.


108 E. Cheyenne Rd., Suite 100,
Colorado Springs, CO 80906

For driving directions to the store click on MAP

We are inside 2-story office building, next to Sage Woman Herb Store. Larger parking lot is behind the building.


Open 12 pm - 6 pm, Tuesday to Friday.
Monday and Saturday - by appointment.

Call 719-650-8481 to schedule an appointment.

Healthy Products

Our plans for the near future include:
educational events and classes on nutrition for people and pets;
events with fun activities for a whole family;
mini health fairs; seminars and lectures, and more

If you are a health professional working in a field of nutrition and is interested in cooperation, let us know!

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